Memorial Giving

Members, families, and friends of the Senior Center can be recognized through memorial gifts to Hammond Street Senior Center. A memorial gift is one of the most meaningful ways to express your sympathy to families. Your gift is a remembrance of the past, and at the same time, a promise of a living, growing legacy, benefiting the community for years to come.

To establish a memorial gift, please call our Executive Director at (207) 262-5532 with the name you would like the fund to carry and the name and address to whom gifts should be reported.

Include in the obituary: "In lieu of flowers, gifts may be made to The Hammond Street Senior Center, 2 Hammond Street, Bangor, Maine 04401."


Annual Fundraising & Special Events

Fundraising through donation solicitation and special events is a major priority for the Senior Center. We have made significant progress in growing our capacity to generate local support through a new, strategic development program. In just one year, we increased our percentage of locally raised funds by more than 20 percent and actually exceeded our ambitious annual fundraising goal -- thanks in large part to the extensive involvement of our membership in fundraising efforts and the engagement of many, many new donors.

Special events are a fun and important part of our fundraising efforts. There is something, big or small, happening every month – from our “Banish the Winter Blahs” Book and Movie Sale/Swap in February and May Basket Sale in the spring, to fall dance and the “It’s A Basket Case” week-long gift basket silent auction every December. In addition to being a fun, social way for our members to contribute to the financial well-being of the Senior Center, special events draw in new supporters, new members and our generous allies in the business community.


Municipal Support

Hammond Street Senior Center serves seniors who reside in more than 45 towns and cities throughout the Greater Bangor and Eastern Maine Region. In the past several years, the Senior Center has made presentations to and/or supplied municipality-specific information to the City Councilors and Town Selectpersons of the 16 municipalities from which we draw the largest proportion of our members. We request each municipality consider contributing just $35 for each town resident who is also a currently active member of the Senior Center. 

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